After three fun and fantastic nights of auditions, we are proud to announce the cast of Emma and the Lost Unicorn! Congratulations to everyone!

Every one that came out was so awesome, it made casting this show especially hard.


Ensemble Roles:

Emma – Emily Wendt
Cleo – Heather Rhodes-Hughes
Rainey – Romello Nicholson
Kodak – Jesse Burgener
Stare – Londyn Wiedower
Cheets – Desiree Phillips
Donald – Ethan Williams


Aubine Lemmer
Lucy Strahin Moore
Tai Maria Mack
Addison Eppler


Brooklyn Eppler
Mikki Wilson
Sophie Williams

Forrest Creatures:

Veronica Killinger
Halle Krisell
Weslee Walley


Dezmond Wendt
Alex Goodrich
Elijah Ballard


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