We had two wonderful afternoons of auditions for A Place Called Christmas and are proud to announce our fantastic cast! Thank you, so much, to all the talented people who auditioned!


Jingle — Casey Jo Myers

Jangle — Jonna Gibby

Jacky — Maddy Harlan

Soldier — David Harlan

Dolly — Katie Hoyt

Toy Maker — Lindell Roberts

Toy Maker’s Wife — Jamie Winston

Woody — Blake Koch

Teddy — Patrick Wockenfuss

Good Fairy — McKenzie Stell

Carol-Ann — Amity Lemmer

Nicholas — Isaac Goodrich

Tommy — Alex Goodrich

Holly — Aubine Lemmer

Aunt Cora — Jenny Lynn


Emily Bohnet               Alania Williams

Brandon Williams        Lauriana Bellar

Emalee Winston           Linda Pearson   


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